EasyMigrate is proud to be associated with the 11th World Zoroastrian Congress to be held in Perth
EasyMigrate is the local Perth-based Zoroastrian migration agency, owned and operated by Mr Cyrus D Mistry.

You may contact them to provide Visitor Visa application services for you, or you can lodge the visitor visa applications yourselves or through your travel-agents, etc.

Please click on this link www.easymigrate.com/visa-types/visitor-visas/11th-world-zoroastrian-congress/ to take you to the special “11th World Zoroastrian Congress” page on their website.

This page has FREE guidelines and instructions regarding how to apply for the Visitor visa yourselves:
         1. Dept of Immigration guidelines re visa-applications
         2. Dept of Immigration recommendations regarding relevant “visas” you can apply for.

You can also email them for paid consultancy and they can handle the visa-application for you.

EasyMigrate recommends Subclass 600 Visitor Visa in most cases, or e-Visitor versions from eligible countries.

Established in 2001, EasyMigrate is recognised as a leading immigration consulting firm based in Perth, Western Australia.

EasyMigrate provide advice on immigration to Australia. EasyMigrate provides comprehensive immigration & sponsorship advisory services for families, visitors, business people, skilled professionals, employees and Australian companies along with sponsorship, international recruitment & the hire of foreign workers.



Mr. Cyrus Mistry