It is amazing that the ingenuity and out of the box thinking of our forefathers , is still alive & active in a big manner, and amazingly in all corners of the world where our fellow Zoroastrians are settled globally

We are talking here of New Zealand and a young Zoroastrian youth  – Rishad Kaizad Maneksha.  

Rishad and his team have designed daily utility items from scrap metal that is thrown out, to good use. Judge for yourself. Having scored 99.06% in his last year at school he is training and studying for Air-conditioning n refrigeration industry presently and like his grandfather Jamshed in Mumbai,  may start his own business in Air-conditioning in future in New Zealand. Our best wishes to him and all Zoroastrian entrepreneurs globally achieving success.


Car Hire or Chauffer Driven: Company Run by our Zoroastrian Entrepreneur Mehernosh Seervai 

Nartitee Acomodation in Yazd, Iran


Yazd is the most important city of Iran for the Zoroastrians. The number of national and international tourists has increased considerably in recent years in Iran and this has also increased the number of tourists in Yazd, most of them are interested in the Zoroastrian culture.

On the other hand, a lot of the native Zoroastrians are moving from their villages in Yazd to the larger close by cities or overseas. This is due to issues such as poor agricultural business return and lack of proper infrastructure. This has caused lots of empty houses in these villages which are slowly sold to non-Zoroastrians and fading out thousands of years of culture.

I and my wife, Tina Namiranian, are a young enthusiastic and dynamic Zoroastrian couple who decided to roll up our sleeves and use the tourist attraction to return the empty villages to life and encourage Zoroastrians to move back to their residence inherited by them from their older generations.

After our marriage in 2016, we moved to my grandfather’s house in “Rahat Abad”, one of Yazd villages that used to be one of the main Zoroastrians strongholds. We renovated the house, ensuring of retaining all its original features and making it into a guest house.

All our guests will be visiting the old traditional Zoroastrian houses and close by neighbourhood villages, taste our local famous snacks and food and can also participate in a course of baking our special bread called “Surog”.

We inform people about our ancient traditions, regional culture, and history and invite them to take part and attend our ceremonies and prayers such as “Gahanbar” and “Jashan”, happening in our village when they are present.

There are bike riding opportunities around the narrow streets and passing by the nice and pictorial pomegranate farms. We organize local sightseeing & there will be half and full day tours to show them our holy places like an old temple with one of the oldest Cedar trees, Fire Temple and “Pire Sabz”.

There will be farm fresh seasonal fruits and pomegranate to enjoy and my wife will show them how to cook some of our culinary delights & foods.


We have generated very good reviews on Trip advisor recommending our guest house and also on Lonely planet book and website nominating us as one of the best accommodations in Yazd. Recommendations to stay and make themselves familiar with Zoroastrian culture are good to note for our future guests also.


Apart from both of us, we have currently generated two direct full time and 3 indirect people for local employment. By selling foods and handcrafts created by local Zoroastrians we are not only promoting our culture but making our village more attractive to our peers to come and live here.

We try as a young Zoroastrian couple who is running a business that helps spread our culture, returning life to our villages and providing employment opportunities for other local small Zoroastrian families.


Tina Namiranian & Ramtin Shohrat,

Nartitee Eco lodge


Instagram: Nartitee

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