Australia welcomes you to the 11th World Zoroastrian Congress We believe in ensuring our guests have a great time, meet our locals and return home with fond memories. This will be a congress with a difference, wherein we will have more participation of the public and a bit of fun for all ages. We will also offer an opportunity for visiting business entrepreneurs and professionals to meet their local counterparts to encourage interactions and broaden their knowledge base. The topics of similar nature will be clubbed together, so delegates can enjoy the sessions of their interests or attend the breakaway sessions. In most such gatherings of a few days, not much can be debated, discussed and decided. So for the first time, we will open the Congress almost a year in advance – digitally. Our distinguished scholars, priests, businessmen, entrepreneurs can discuss their views on the discussion pages here and the worldwide diaspora of Zoroastrians can be engaged and can participate. So go on put in your ideas. We are a proud community with honest business ethics that is highly respected by those who have known us. Familiar names like Tatas, Godrejs, Wadias, Jeejebhoys, Masters, Petits, Camas are household names who have exemplified the community and the world for generations.We salute them ALL and take their name with Pride. But there are lots of Unsung Heroes who have also left their mark or will – in the History of our times and we would like to acknowledge them also.
11th World Zoroastrian Congress
11th World Zoroastrian CongressWednesday, August 14, 2019

This would be great for the upcoming navroze celebration!

11th World Zoroastrian Congress
Parsi Song for festive occasion
Visit the post for more.
Farsheed Cooper ITS ON YOUTUBE
Farsheed Cooper YEAH
11th World Zoroastrian Congress
11th World Zoroastrian CongressTuesday, July 9, 2019

Have you seen this yet?

In celebration of one year of the Congress we've made a small video trying to capture all the fun that was had! 👍🤗

11th World Zoroastrian Congress
Highlights of the 11th World Zoroastrian Congress 2018 held in Perth, Australia
Highlights of 11th World Zoroastrian Congress, held in Perth Western Australia from 1st to 4th June 2018. This is the first time the World Congress of the Zo...
Adi Damania Coming to Brisbane in 2021 November, any bawaz there?
Shireen Davar Missed it this time...
11th World Zoroastrian Congress
11th World Zoroastrian Congress is feeling excited.Monday, July 1, 2019

Bawaz and 11thWZC team sends the 7WZYC our best wishes for a successful and fantastic event!

Arzan Sam Wadia Thank you. We love you 11WZC !!
Adi Damania Bawaz ka Aawaz!
11th World Zoroastrian Congress
11th World Zoroastrian Congress shared a post.Thursday, August 23, 2018

Very well said!

Khordad Sal Mubarak to one and all!

11th World Zoroastrian Congress
11th World Zoroastrian CongressThursday, August 9, 2018
11th World Zoroastrian Congress
11th World Zoroastrian Congress is with Sheroy Aspandiar Irani.Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Photography for 11th World Zoroastrian Congress done by our local photographers Mehraab Patalwala of Perth and Sheroy Irani of Melbourne, we thank you both for your wonderful efforts. Much apricated!

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