A lot of our Zoroastrian brethren are Unsung, Unknown Poets, writers & creative artists.

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Poems By Farida Bam




“O man whoever thou art, where so ever thou cometh from I know shall come. I am Cyrus who founded the Empire of the Persians. Grudge me not this little earth that covers my body” Wikipedia


His Cylinder was his diary

Where he inscribed his thoughts How one should be treated

Not like a slave who is

Being humiliated Poked

Prodded waiting to be bought

Every human does not have

To be discriminated because

Of colour caste creed

But self-respect & tolerance

Equality, as well Dignity

Is what humanity needs

He was a man with a mission

Who had a clear vision

Soon realized too much

Hatred was being spread

Does nobody good

Throughout his

Persian Empire

His vision of Peace

He did enhance

By giving Peace a Chance!


“When Two Worlds Collide”


What happens when Two worlds collide?

The power of the Pen

Along with Power of Prayers

They go hand in hand

As one cannot do

Without the other

Good Thoughts

Good words, written or oral

When in unison

Bring about Good Deeds

Answers to one’s prayers

May succeed or fail

Written or oral words

May just do the same

So be extra careful

How one Plays the Game

From one’s Thoughts Words, Deeds

One may run

But can never hide

That’s what happens

When two worlds collide

When in the end

As my life starts

To ebb away

My powerful Prayers

Will be there with me

Till Judgement Day