The tiny minuscule community of Zoroastrians or Parsis, worldwide, have definitely to be proud of their forefathers and also people we can meet presently today.

A lot of our Zoroastrians brethren worldwide have achieved remarkable recognization by their peers & will leave their mark on the sands of time for future generations to be proud of. Some of them are household names, but sadly a lot of them are unsung heroes & heroines.

We salute & acknowledge their hard work, integrity & passion. If you know of someone we have missed out, please do inform us. Let us make our future generations proud of these people that worked honestly for the community & in their fields to achieve the remarkable recognition.

Mr. Dadi Padumjee
World President Puppeteers
Delhi- India

Mr. Vispy Dastur
National Pres Philately
Mumbai – India


Mr. Rohinton Rivetna
Founding president of FEZANA

Mr. Roshan Rivetna
Physicist, Former Editor of FEZANA

Mr. Jal Shroff
Philanthropist, Former Managing Director of Fossil (East)
Hong Kong

Mr. Neville Shroff
President, Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton & Macau
Hong Kong

Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly
Chairman – WZO Trusts in India
Mumbai, India


Mr. Khojeste Mistree
Religious Scholar, ex-BPP Trustee
Mumbai, India

Ms. Phiroza Mistree
Co-editor – Zoroastrian Tapestry
Mumbai, India

Dr. Shernaz Cama Parzor
Director of the UNESCO Parzor Project
Delhi, India

Mr. Byram Avari
Chairman – Karachi Parsi Anjuman & Avari Group of companies
Karachi, Pakistan

Ms. Aban Pestanjee
Chairperson – Abans Group of Companies
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Mr. Phil Madon
Ex-President WZCC Australia, Entrepreneur
Sydney, Australia

Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor
High Priest – Udvada, National Minorities Commission of India – Member
Udvada, India

Mr. Arzan Wadia
Vice President – FEZANA, Architect, Technology Specialist
New York, USA

Mr. Edul Daver
Global President WZCC, Ex-President – Acupowder International
New York, USA

Ms. Meher Bhesania
World Zoroastrian Congress 2008 Chair, WZCC Middle East – Director
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Yaz Mubarakai
Member of the Legislative Assembly (WA), Business Entrepreneur
Perth, Australia

Mrs. Pheroza J Godrej
Zoroastrian Tapestry
Mumbai, India

Mr. Dadi Mistry
Founder & Vice president World Zoroastrian Organization
Delhi- India

Mr. Dorab Mistree
Director at Godrej International Ltd
London, United Kingdom

Mr. Minoo Shroff
Economist -BPP Past press- WZCC

Late Dr. Meherwan Boyce
Top Aerodynamic and Turbine world specialist
Houston, USA

Dr Sam Kerr
Writer, Founding Member,
Australian Zoroastrian Association, NSW

Feroze F Bhandara

Eminent Philanthropist & Realtor magnate Houston, USA

Dr Marlene Kanga AM

President-Elect, World Federation of Engineering Organizations

Late Dr. Aban E. Mistry

co-Founder of Swar Sadhna Samiti, acclaimed musicologist,’Sahitya Ratna’ in both Sanksrit and Hindi


Jehangir Patel

Editor Parsiana – Communicating community news for decades

Marzban Giara

Parsi Historian/ Researcher, Author, Translator

Dolly Dastoor

Editor – FEZANA Journal


Sam Balsara

Chairman Madison World & Madison Communication


Homi Gandhi

President – FEZANA