Welcome Packs & Registrations

  • Please ensure you pick up your Congress ID pass in the morning of Friday 1st of June 2018 from Crown Astral Room Foyer. For Delegates staying at the Crown complex it is a 2 minute walk from your hotel to Astral foyer & there will be sign posts
  • There will be a strict No ID – No Entry policy to Congress venue and all entrances.
  • Registration and ID collections must be completed before joining your tours. Please contact us if you have any time concerns regarding this ASAP.
  • To register please bring your Congress invoice number (hard or soft copy) for identification and to ensure a quick registration process.
  • Welcome souvenir bags/packs will also be issued at registrations – please do ensure you collect them and keep with you. Dispatch team will not be able to hold them for you


  • Western Australia is a large land mass with diverse range of environments. Early June is the beginning of winter and the weather is cool, although not cold. Temperatures are around 15°C to 20 °C in day time and cooler at night. A warm sweater or coat, cap, warm socks etc normally is good enough.
  • If you are visiting Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne or other parts of Australia the weather may vary and it may be few degrees colder than Perth, so please do your research before traveling.
  • If visiting New Zealand, the weather will definitely will be colder so please take appropriate clothes etc accordingly.


  • All accommodation organised for the 11th WZC delegates is of a high standard. It will be clean and safe. Any issues with accommodation kindly contact the Hotel front desk for assistance

Luggage and Quarantine

  • You will have to carry own luggage to your rooms in most hotels – unlike in many countries porters are not a prominent feature here.
  • If you are travelling within Australia in local flights, please remember to check your inflight baggage weight allowances with your flight carriers before departing home or you may end up with heavy weight charges or throwing things away. Not the best feeling.
  • Australian Quarantine regulations are some of the worlds strictest and the rules do apply. Please do not bring in any food items that are not vacuum packed and labelled clearly. No dairy products, foods, chocolates, nuts, fruits, honey products, seeds, ammunition, dirty shoes or slippers etc will be allowed through the channels and may incur heavy penalties. Sniffer dogs and advanced technology is used for baggage and personal scanning.
  • Even when traveling interstate food items are not permitted on flights especially fruits, dairy, seeds, flowers, foods etc.
  • We suggest that everyone be familiar with the Australian Quarantine website for more information before traveling.


  • Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner (except Saturday night unless you have opted for the dinner cruise) will be offered during the Congress. These will be provided in a buffet format allowing everyone to have ample choice for their meals.
  • Breakfast will be provided by your hotel if you have opted for this option.


  • At the international and domestic airport there are the following services; taxis, Ubers, shuttle buses to city, Ola’s, as well as safe public transport options to suit various requirements.
  • If you have booked an airport pickup with Aussie Perth Tours for international arrivals; please look for your driver who will be waiting for you at the Vodaphone store which is located after the Customs & Quarantine clearance as you enter the airport foyer.
  • If you have booked an airport pickup with Aussie Perth Tours for domestic arrivals; you will need to walk to your left after collecting your baggage and come outside the airport and look for your transport in the bus bay. At domestic airport coach drivers are not allowed to leave their vehicles so please come outside and look for a white coach / mini bus with Aussie Perth Tour / Perth Maxi Charters written on it. If any queries please phone 08 92212400 for assistance
  • All major cities also have fantastic local public transport by trains and buses as well as taxis, limousine services, Uber/Ola and car hire or self-drive options.


  • All shops accept Australian Dollars (AUD) in cash and most credit cards. Most shops WILL NOT accept foreign currency in cash
  • Credit cards are accepted and MAY incur a surcharge.
  • Please keep your personal belongings safely and be responsible