The events leading to the Congress and its promotion as shown below

FEZANA 30th Anniversary Celebration – Houston, April 2017

Mahrukh and Firoz Pestonji travelled to the USA to join in the celebration of FEZANA, celebrating 30 years of existence in Houston and also they attended the AGM and various activities with fellow American Zoroastrians. Their visit to a Zoroastrian run business, Coating Industries, run by Aban and her son Arish Rustomji was an interesting part of the trip.

GWG Meet & WZCC AGM, Hong Kong – December 2016

Australian Delegation attended the Global Working Group meeting and the World Zarathausti Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting and promoted the Congress to the local Zoroastrians and the GWG & WZCC members. We received very positive responses to our presentations and discussions.

Meeting with Trustees in Hong Kong – September 2016

BAWAZ Trustee Firoz Pestonji travelled to Hong Kong on his way to Jakarta to meet the trustees of the Hong Kong and Macau Trust Funds in September to inform them about the upcoming Congress and obtain their ideas and support.

New Year celebration – Zoroastrian Association of Victoria, Australia – 28th August 2016

The ZAV celebrated the new year with a wonderful presentation on Zoroastrian culture with a fine display of garments, religious ceremonies, books and other paraphernalia related to the Zoroastrian life. There was a wonderful model of a Fire Temple, Dokhma, Garas, Torans and historical information on Zoroastrians. We informed the gathering about the upcoming Congress and discussed ideas with the committee.

New Year celebration – Australian Zoroastrian Association NSW, Australia – 20th August 2016

Mahrukh and Firoz Pestonji flew to Sydney to join the New Year celebrations of AZA where we met their committee members and also the WZCC (Australia) committee and had a detailed discussion about the Congress and their participation with many useful ideas presented. We also met other interested people the next day to discuss the Congress ideas and obtain feedback.

Inaugural Iranshah Utsav, Udvada & GWG meet, India – December 2015

Mahrukh and Firoz Pestonji attended the inaugural Iranshah Utsav in December 2015 and promoted the recently awarded Congress to Perth by the GWG. During the GWG meeting on 25th December, we presented the Perth information to the attendees and media and were officially handed the organisation for the next Congress.

Dubai Enterprise

Early September 2014 BAWAZ was informed by the GWG if we would be interested to host a congress earlier than 2021. We had a discussion with our team and agreed to go ahead. We were asked top present our bid to the GWG meeting during Dubai Enterprise 2014 on 17th December.

10th World Zoroastrian Congress Mumbai, India – December 2013

The organisers of the 10th World Zoroastrian Congress invited Firoz Pestonji to the Congress as a delegate from Australia, he spoke about the different associations in Australia and their activities and promoted Australia. He gave a synopsis of all the various activities that the associations carry out regularly. The idea of a collaborative world Zoroastrian group and togetherness exemplified by a show of different flowers was very well received. This is the first time an Australian spoke at a World Zoroastrian Congress.