All I need to know on Entrepreneurship, I learned in Gathas.

After nearly 40 years of education, research and teaching in the fields of Management and Entrepreneurship, I believe every theory and application I need was provided over 4000 years ago in Gathas. Zoroaster set a foundation, amazingly, and guideline for start-up and mature organization to grow and prosper.

Amesha Spentas, in avestan language, is a term for a class of divine entities in Zoroastrianism and literally means “Immortal”. They refer to the great six “divine sparks” or six emanations of Ahura Mazda. In Iranian Mysticism, they later became the six steps of evolution towards the ultimate.

I believe Gathas is the supreme directive, not only on spirituality and on life, but also on management and organization. The theory derived from Amesha Spentas matches the modern concepts of steps for entrepreneurship, on how to develop start-ups towards a stable and mature business organization:

1. Vahuman (good thoughts) = Visioning, Planning

2. Ardibehesht (Asha, divine law) = Organizing, Structuring

3. Shahrivar (Dominion) = Optimizing, Managing Constraints

4. Spenta Armaiti (Devotion) = Coherence, Focus

5. Khordad (Wholeness) = Integration, Perfection

6. Amortat (Immortality) = Sustainability, Endurance

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