The Gathas were discovered by Martin Haug around 1858 from among the Avesta manuscripts provided to him by the Zarathushti Priests in India. Before him, a few other scholars had translated some parts of the Avesta. They all were from Europe and believed in the Bible and the repeated reference to the ancient Persians in the Bible must have ignited their curiosity to go find out more of the beliefs of the less than 200,000 members of this ancient faith before they are lost.

The scholars were mostly well versed with the Sanskrit language, a sister language of Avesta, and with its help managed to translate the Avesta words.

While giving meaning to an unknown word and later forming sentences, certain factors played a role, the most important being the mind set of the translator.

Religion wise the scholars were all people of the Book who believed in the Anthropomorphic God of the Romans ironically not the God of Jesus.

For Jesus who was a student of the Magi’s, he was the recipient of the three gifts from the Magi’s –  VohuMana, Asha Vahista, Khashatra Vairya. (Mathew & Luke Ch.4)

Which Jesus had mastered for he said:

‘I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and the Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.’ (Matthew 5:20) (Spanta Armaity).

‘ Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.’ (Matthew 5:1) (Hurvatata),

” …. they follow me and I give them eternal life ….” John 10:27 (Amertata)

“I and the Father are one” (John 10:30) (Khod-Ah;      Self Realization)

All this was Blasphemy to the Jews who stoned Jesus for it. (John 10:31) and finally sold him to the Romans.

These scholars who translated the Gathas had the same understanding as the Jews, had they first understood Jesus their translations would have been different.

The scholars also looked at the practices and beliefs of their contemporary Zarathushtis. Without taking into consideration that these beliefs could have evolved over the 3000 years and that at best the Zarathushtis followed the Pahlavi rendering of their scriptures that were recouped by the Sassanians after 400 years of Roman and Mithraic influence and further corrupted by the teachings of Mani and Mazdak.

They for sure also had all the ancient religions in mind for they saw the difference and credited Zarathushtra as the first to introduce a monotheistic God, but they pictured that God to be like their own, the Anthropomorphic type.

Any ways, all these and more influenced the translators and so we have over 50 different translations each rendering a different take. No doubt the Gathas is classified as very complicated and many considered it to be a Mantra Vani to be prayed on the last five days of their three different calendars.

Martin Haug designated the Yazatas and Amesha Spentas as Fairies and Angles and they have stuck as such in our mind. Have you ever wondered where Heaven is? It should not be far away for Angles have wings and wings serve no purpose beyond the limits of the atmosphere.

In Ha 28.11 translators have made Zarathushtra ask Ahuramazda as to “Whence CREATION FIRST CAME TO BEING”. Did God take him to a cave and give him the answer? If YES, where is the answer in the Gathas and if NO, should we not cry out DISCRIMINATION. Or may be the translators made up the sentence just because they saw the word CREATION.


1-Translators have mentioned GOD 353 times in the 241 verses of the Gathas (1.46 times per verse) while Zarathushtra mentions Ahura Mazda only 8 times. Why?

2-The famed tenants of the Zarathushtis GOOD THOUGHTS GOOD WORDS GOOD DEEDS. Should this not be in the Gathas. Please find a verse that says it.

3-The AMESHA SPANTAS are they in the Gathas?  If YES find that particular verse in the Gathas.

Fariborz Rahnamoon






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