Zoroastrian are not known for teamwork and collaboration. Indeed Zoroastrians excel individually, but generally fail to coach and interchange with others. Zoroastrians pray daily for unity, but how can such unanimity translate to business and entrepreneurial prosperity and affluence in global Zoroastrian community? A few success instances exits, as a lead model for start-ups.

Zoroastrians have succeeded in various traits throughout the centuries, in Iran and India and now in the new lands around the world. Partly due to their hard work and honesty, urged by their religious beliefs, and partly due to their spirit to innovate and share, Zoroastrians created wealth as landowners and then as business owners. Many work now in hi-tech careers internationally.

Many cases of Zoroastrian entrepreneurs shed light on key attributes of success and growth. Mr. Jahanian founded the first national bank in Iran. Zarthushti brothers operated fast-growing commercial firms. Several youth in Iran recently established native hospitality start-ups. Many singular fruitful business start-ups exit in Iran and abroad, but they fail to replicate and lead others.

Cloning is a way to duplicate a successful pilot business. However, this should be done with care and customization. Clustering may be horizontal (similar units) or vertical (value chain units). Synergy can be created enormously by multiplying and connecting small start-up ventures. In today’s global village, clones and clusters do not have to be adjacent in locations or with identical products.

Zoroastrian Anjomans can play central roles, as catalysts, to help create entrepreneurial clusters of business ventures by Zoroastrians. Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce, FEZANA, among others, have been established now as non-for-profit organizations for Zoroastrians. However, they failed so far to utilize their potential make a meaningful difference in the well-being and welfare of Zoroastrians.

(to be continued and discussed …)

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