About fifty years ago, a rich Zoroastrian gentleman left his entire possessions to the local Anjoman, on the condition that his house is maintained and used for Zoroastrian visitors. His money is kept in the bank, with half the interest a Jashan is performed every year. The other half of interest is used for orphans. Now the Anjoman board is left with a very old house with no funds for maintenance. The original money in the bank is not worth much. There is few Zoroastrians left in that town, and obviously no Zoroastrian orphans. Anjoman is unable to change the endowment and unable to maintain the wishes of the donor.

Above is the sad story of many donations and endowments left behind by Zoroastrians. Times have changed, and the Zoroastrian population has moved. We are left with many empty buildings and houses, in places where one day were Zoroastrian population. By the documented wishes of the donors and by law, we cannot sell or giveaway such assets. Our Anjomans are poor, with a hidden wealth unable to use. What should we do? Our youth may never return to those places. Some wishes and wills are now meaningless or useless altogether. Local Anjomans are powerless to keep or giveaway these kinds of obligations.


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