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“The Book is published through the sponsorship of MOMA and by IGNCA Parzor. It is available from the IGNCA Book Shop, 11 Mansingh Road, New Delhi -110049 and Parzor Foundation, F-17, Hauz Khas Enclave, New Delhi-110016. It is available at the Parsiana Book Store, Bombay, email: info@parsiana.com, from where it is shipped globally.” [courtesy Parsiana 7th May 2017]

“Remembering the Magick of the Light”

It is the story of Zarathushtra from pre-birth to his ultimate demise at the hands of an assassin. What makes this book unique is that it has been written with the focus on the esoteric teachings of our faith in a New Age context. This makes it easily understandable and acceptable to most adults. A special emphasis has been given to the trials and tribulations that Zarathushtra may have endured on his journey to enlightenment and beyond. This helps readers to relate at a human level to what they may be experiencing on their individual life journeys. The teachings of the Gathas and the basic mantras too have been similarly explained.

The book is classified as a creative non-fiction novel and contains Zarathushtra’s Gathic teachings in a simple yet profound narrative. The first part is the life story of Zarathushtra, his birth, how he attained enlightenment and his teachings. The second part is a starting guideline for those who wish to embark on their individual spiritual journey and the third part delves into an understanding of the Amesha Spentas, and how they impact humankind. Each reader will comprehend and feel its impact at their individual level of understanding. A copy of the front cover of the book is attached.

The book has been reviewed notably by Parsiana magazine in Mumbai, (July 21, 2016, issue), Fezana magazine in North America, (Fall 2016 issue) and by Dr. Jehan Bagli in Toronto.

Sales in North America have been good.

The book is available for Cdn $25 plus shipping if purchased in Canada, US $30 if purchased in the US and Aus $25 plus shipping if purchased in Australia

Please contact me at homji@sympatico.ca or by phone, 416-622-5809to purchase the book


Zoroastrian Coloring Book

Delzin Choksey, founder of Crispy Doodles, a graphic design and illustration studio in California is excited to introduce “Color and Learn – My First Zoroastrian Coloring Book”

Delzin set out on this project to make the religion more accessible to young children with a fun activity most children thoroughly enjoy – coloring. 

“Color and Learn – My First Zoroastrian Coloring Book” is an eight-page coloring book, printed on premium quality paper, that aims to introduce children to our culture and traditions by highlighting basic Zarathushti symbols like” Sagan Ni Ses,” “Farohar,” “Atash,” etc. This book will provide many hours of fun and religious learning to all young bawas and bawis and makes a fantastic addition to a Sunday school program. 

Features of Books:

  • An easy and fun coloring book featuring 8 illustrations that introduce them to the basics of the religion.
  • Delight your little bawa/bawi with this book that provides many hours of fun and religious learning.
  • Also makes a fantastic addition to a Sunday school program for young Zoroastrians.  
  • Printed on premium paper that is great for crayons and holds up well to watercolor.
  • Each book measures approximately 11*8 inches.

The book is available to purchase 
In India at http://shopping.on-lyne.com/product/zoroastrian-coloring-book/

In the US at https://www.etsy.com/listing/575897818/pre-order-this-book-today-my-first

For bulk orders and discounts, email:  delzinchoksey@gmail.com. or Contact 404-563-4312


Delzin Choksey
Founder, Crispy Doodles

Want to know more about our religion? Need a concise book to help your grandchild understand our customs and culture? Want the perfect gift for your nephew’s Navjote? Then ‘ABCs for Zarathushtis’ is the perfect book for you and your family.

Let’s learn about Zoroastrianism, one alphabet at a time! Follow a fully illustrated color glossary and see how A is for Ahura Mazda, F for Fire, G for Gathas, P for Persepolis, S for Shahnameh, C for Cyrus the Great, H for Haft-seen table and J for Jashan.

‘ABCs for Zarathushtis’ has received accolades from young and old alike. Limited quantity available, so please order your copy today at


The below list of Zoroastrian Books supplied. Thanks to Aban Pestonji of FIRES, Houston, USA.