Australia welcomed You All to the

11th World Zoroastrian Congress



We warmly thank All the delegates that attended Our Congress.

Team Australia and worldwide supporters of the 11th World Zoroastrian Congress extended a hearty welcome to all delegates and guests at the well organized Congress in Perth

This Congress created a few new Firsts :

  • For the first time in the history of the Zoroastrian community, the Congress was held in the southern hemisphere since the concept started in 1960
  • Congress was held in mid-year instead of the traditional end of the year.
  • Organised by a team of very small member numbers – by BAWAZ in Perth
  • Forums were set with the result to be – sharp, to the point and creating awareness
  • Over 35 % youth participation in a total number of delegates
  • Women  & Youth were accorded very high percentage of forums to discuss issues
  • Successful Entrepreneurs spoke of hands-on practical experiences to guide future entrepreneurs
  • A memorable souvenir book with articles from varied new fields was introduced to create an awareness in general public
  • The souvenir book had a large number of articles penned by learned scholars & even had articles in Farsi for our Iranian delegates and members
  • Funding for Congress was very limited and offset the basic price tremendously for early bird bookings
  • Delegates were offered an understanding of Global organizations and work they do for the community – like GWG, Fezana, ZTFE, FAZA, BPP etc
  • Over 95 % of sessions began on time & strict time management ensured good speaker discipline
  • For the first time ever the master of Ceremonies was an all Women team – selected globally from Canada, India & Australia
  • Panelists were also globally selected and not area centric – this being a Global event
  • Traditionally well known popular speakers spoke of new concepts and ideas
  • Non-Zoroastrian speakers involved with our religion and community spoke of their first-hand experiences & offered a new twist to our awareness
  • The traditional welcome jashan was performed, as part of Congress proceedings with Mobeds from India, Iran, USA, France & Australia
  • A lady Mobed from Iran joined the jashan & recited from the Holy Gathas
  • For the first time, we heard the Kurdish leaders speak of their issues in their region
  • Each morning the day was welcomed by our lovely Nightingales and then the sessions started
  • Delegates were able to participate in sessions starting with the Flag ceremony and national Anthems, Networking of Youth & business people etc
  • Hands-on workshops were held to assist delegates network and create new ideas
  • Culinary delicacies were chosen to appease our tastes and everyone enjoyed the variety on offer
  • Conference halls were within a 2-minute walk for majority of delegates accommodated in Perth
  • New ideas on the medical, defence, religion, entrepreneurship and regional issues were debated
  • Introduced an under 18-year-old Youth Entrepreneur who developed products from scrap and created a sensation

Zoroastrians from around the world met in Perth, networked, discussed, debated, formed new friendships and rekindled old friendships and everyone enjoyed the short time together.

Australian Zoroastrians from Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, New Zealand and Perth would like to Thank You  ALL,  and we are sure you all had a great time here!

The Congress stuck to the theme of “Together Towards Tomorrow”.


Below are links to the photographs taken during the Congress in Perth, 2018

Please feel free to browse the same and pass on to your friends also

Day 1 (1st June 2018) Photographs

Day 2 (2nd June 2018) Photographs

Day 3 (3rd June 2018) Photographs

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New topics:

  • Wives of Great Zoroastrians. Behind every successful man is a woman. So let’s hear them
  • Family Affair: Successful Fathers / Mothers and children discuss issues of today in their business and family
  • Hear Religious scholars from Australia, their views on Zoroastrianism
  • Youth – for they are our future and what are we offering them

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